Traditional Media

The Medical Minute is a partnership between King 5 and Swedish Medical Center highlighting the working relationship between care providers and patients at Swedish. I got to share the screen with the always awesome Olivia.

The American Heart Association invited me to join the folks at local radio station, Warm 106.9, to share my story for Stroke Awareness Month. My segment begins at the 14 minute mark.

I joined the KING 5 TV Take 5 daily news program to talk about Stroke in young folks, the Strokecast podcast, and the American Heart Association Puget Sound Heart and Stroke Walk.

The Public News Service interviewed me about my stroke story to broadcast on terrestrial radio across the state for World Stroke Day. It's a short piece, and you can read the article here.

Podcast Appearances

Inside Knowledge

Lyn Henderson is a New Zealand based podcaster who invited me on her show to talk about resilience. She's had quite a collection of fascinating guests who've worked to overcome tremendous challenges.


I recently joined Matthew Passey on his new show Causecasts to talk about my stroke story and the power of podcasting.

Causecasts is an interesting show. Each week, Matthew highlights a different podcast trying to make the world a better place, and he ties a fund raiser to each episode for specific causes. In my case, that's the American Heart Association Puget Sound Chapter. It's an interesting experiment in raising funds to support a cause.

10-Minute Mindset

On July 15, I joined Mario to talk about 2-Minute Talk Tips and the meaning behind "Don't get best...get better."

I also joined Mario the day before to talk about Strokecast and the power of yet. You can listen to that episode here.

If you'd like to hear more from Mario, you can check out his website here. Or you can check out the interview I did with Mario for 2-Minute Talk Tips.

Ask Win

Win Charles is a podcaster, teacher, and journalism student living with MS. She recently invited me on her show to talk about my story, stroke symptoms, and living with disabilities.


The Hand-in-Hand show is part of the Strokefocus network. They feature interviews with survivors and medical professions. I joined their show in May 2018.

Pure Mind Magic

Victoria Mavis is a German-based podcaster, magician, and mindset expert. I was thrilled to join her on Pure Mind Magic to share my story and talk about the power of my favorite magic word -- Yet.


Victoria has also been a guest on 2-Minute Talk Tips where we talked about the intersection of presenting and magic in Episode 075.

Online Video

Swedish Testimonial Video

The team at Swedish asked me to share some thoughts on my experience there. It's a neat little video with a cringe-worthy thumb-nail.

Into Tomorrow

I appeared on the Into Tomorrow show in 2015 to talk about Microsoft products for the Holiday season.

CES Videos for Toshiba